As an accredited HIA GreenSmart builder we are able to provide a range of services to assist in making your new home or renovation project energy efficient.

Considering energy efficiency in the design of your new home or renovation isn't just about the future of our children and the planet, it’s an important part of how JK Ramage Builders operates.

JK Ramage Builders is an accredited GreenSmart builder.  GreenSmart means we build your home or renovation in a practical way to suit you and respects the environment.  We are able to provide advice on the home’s orientation and positioning and the importance of insulation, glazing, natural light and ventilation.  We aim to reduce our imprint on the environment and reduce your long term energy bills. 

GreenSmart also means we encourage recycling and reduce waste during construction.

Any type of new home or renovation can incorporate energy efficiency, the extent is up to you – let us see how we can assist.